Good Day! I'm Naing Lin Kyaw but you can call me Lin.

Communications Specialist in Melbourne with affinity for graphic design, video editing, data visualization, maps, history, and science a la Johnny Harris. Originally from Myanmar. Hope my work can inspire you in some way.

March, 2023
Dashboard (GenZs in Australia)
August, 2020
Board Game Promotional Videos
Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects
June, 2023
A quick tutorial to MIMU Pcoder
May, 2023
MIMU's Social Media
Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
February, 2020
TEDxYangon 2020 Speaker
March, 2023
MIMU Product Catalogue
January, 2023
MIMU Bulletins
November, 2022
MIMU Social Media Report
October, 2022
Gender (In)equality Infographic Myanmar
June, 2022
Climate Change Analytical Brief
Adobe InDesign
May, 2022
Household Amenities Analytical Brief
Adobe InDesign
April, 2022
MIMU Client Survey Report 2022
Adobe InDesign
October, 2021
Shaded Relief Maps of Myanmar
Blender, QGIS
September, 2021
Short Article on Flood Monitoring Dashboard
Writing, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects
August, 2021
Disability Analytical Brief
Adobe InDesign
September, 2020
Board Game Graphic Design
Adobe InDesign, Illustrator
September, 2019
Pitch Deck of Burmah Games
Apple Keynote
April, 2019
Brand Identity of Burmah Games
Adobe Illustrator
November, 2018
Live The Dream Myanmar Website
September, 2018
Interview Videos
Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition
June, 2016
Indie Videogame Trailer
Unity, Adobe Premiere Pro
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